I'd Rather Be Reading / by Madeleine Riley

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Thank you to Baker Books for providing me with a free copy of this book!

This summer I've been thinking often about my reading identity, so bear with me here as I mix my own reading life into my thoughts on Anne Bogel's latest book, I'd Rather Be Reading

This collection of essays on the delights and dilemmas of the reading life came into the world yesterday, but it's held a special place on my nightstand lately. Anne Bogel, creator of Modern Mrs. Darcy and the What Should I Read Next? podcast, writes thoughtfully and beautifully on what it means to be a reader.

Being a reader is a little more complicated than it seems -- at first glance, being a reader just means that you like to read, and do it for pleasure. Whether you read one book per year or over one hundred, if you enjoy the act of reading, you are a reader. But your reading identity can run deeper than this simple descriptor -- mine certainly does.

I am a reader who loves a good mystery and a good children's classic. Who prefers to read in silence (or perhaps, with only the sound of waves crashing), who loves to share book recommendations but is reluctant to lend my own books for fear that I'll miss them too much. I am a reader who always carries a book, even if I'm just heading out to buy groceries. I am a reader who takes regular trips to the library, despite the hundreds (yes, hundreds) of unread books in my personal library.

In I'd Rather Be Reading, Anne writes about everything from how to organize your bookshelves, to being book bossy (I am so guilty, by the way), and classic bookworm problems. Just the other day as I drove home from the library, my car began to beep because the weight of my books was heavy enough to necessitate a seatbelt. I laughed because Anne wrote about this very problem and I knew she (and many of you) would understand.

Anne writes in a way that confirms what many of us (her friends and fans) already know: that there are countless kindred spirits out there who also would rather be reading. This book feels like a wink and a nod to all of us. I'm honored to put another one of Anne's books on my friends and family shelf. 

Bottom-Line Rating: 5/5