If You Liked That, Read This! / by Madeleine Riley

If you read and loved...

...Read This!

If you also enjoy witchy tales and The Wicked Deep is on your top ten list for the year (so far), I'd highly recommend Sea WitchThis new young adult fantasy is a fractured fairytale take on The Little Mermaid. Henning writes the backstory for Ursula the Sea Witch, giving us a peek at how and why she came to be such a dark and loveless creature. This tale introduces us to Evie, Anna, and Niklas, three best friends whose lives are shaped and shattered by the will of Urda, goddess of the sea. There's magic, betrayal, and just the right amount of romance. The coastal setting reminded me of The Wicked Deepbut there are more similarities throughout -- particularly, the teenage love stories and dangerous magic. Both are perfect for fall mood reading, when the ocean gets dark and choppy, and a cool, salty breeze is in the air. You can expect to see both these titles on my Spooktober Reads list this year, but I'd put yourself on the holds list for Sea Witch now, as it's made quite the debut this month.