How I Track My Reading / by Madeleine Riley


Today we're getting down into the super nerdy parts of being a bookworm. If you follow me on Instagram, I'm asking you to share with me how you keep track of your reading. Goodreads? A bullet journal? No tracking at all? I'm so curious.

Here on the blog, I'm sharing my personal system for tracking my reading. This system is relatively new for me -- I used to be an avid Goodreads user, but when I started reading more books behind-the-scenes for DBC purposes, I was purposefully leaving books off my Goodreads while they were still under wraps, but ended up forgetting to add them in after we had made selections public. I needed a system that I could update in real time and keep private. Plus, I wanted to be able to look back more easily at the details of my reading year, such as how many female authors I read, and whether I'm reading mostly new books or also picking up a fair spattering of old ones too, and what my ratings look like overall.

I decided to go with a spreadsheet, inspired by the way that my friend RA uses spreadsheets so effectively for tracking our information for the DBC.

Here's a quick screenshot of the spreadsheet. I gave each column it's own color to help visually discriminate as I enter information:

Reading Spreadsheet.png

Here are the categories tracked in my reading spreadsheet:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Pub. Date
  • Month Read
  • Origin (Review/Purchased/Library)
  • Whether It's Part of a Series (Yes/No)
  • (If Yes) Which Series
  • Fiction/Nonfiction
  • Genre
  • Age Group
  • Submitted for Review By...
  • # of pages
  • Author's Gender
  • Rating (Out of 5)
  • Audiobook (Yes/No)
  • Checklist for whether it's a Newbery Project Title, DBC Selection or Preview, Read-Along, or IRL Book Club Pick

So far, this method is really working for me! I go back and forth wanting to use Goodreads alongside it, but since I've already read almost eighty books this year, to go back now and add my books to Goodreads would be an onerous process, and let's be honest -- I'd rather be reading.