Children's Lit: May Picture Books / by Madeleine Riley

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Each month, I'm aiming to bring you a selection of newly released or new-to-me titles to spread the love for children's literature. This month, I'm reading a few middle grade books that I'm hoping to share with you in a few weeks, but today I'm brining you four picture books that I adore.

NOTE: For those of you anticipating my next Let's Talk Kid Lit Live with Lorraine, we have to postpone and will post a new date as soon as we reschedule! Apologies for that, friends.

I absolutely love every one of the books on this month's list. I'm years away from having children of my own, but you can bet that I'm saving these titles to share with them. Whether it's for bedtime reading, quiet afternoons, or learning important life lessons, these titles are ones you'll want to have on hand.


Julian is a Mermaid by Jessica Love / Released April 23, 2018

TST copy free from Candlewick Press

This story features a little boy who finds himself enthralled by the glittering beauty of the women he sees on the train when traveling home with his grandmother from their weekly swim at the pool. Julian deems the women mermaids, and aspires to be just like them. He dresses himself in an elaborate costume, but fears his grandmother will scold him for it. This story shows a sweet love between a grandmother and her grandson, and teaches young readers to be their own kind of mermaid.

Penguin & Tiny Shrimp Don't Do Bedtime! by Cate Berry & Charles Santoso / Released May 8, 2018

TST copy provided free from Keely Platte PR on behalf of Harper Collins Books

For fans of Mo Willems, this hilarious un-bedtime story will have kids giggling before settling in for the night. Like so many littles do, Penguin and Tiny Shrimp resist soft beds and cozy covers, but ultimately give into big yawns and sleepy eyes.

Red Sky at Night by Elly Mackay / Released May 1, 2018

TST copy provided free by Tundra Books

This beautifully-illustrated story teaches young readers about weather folklore. Having grown up by the water, I loved revisiting the age-old sayings in this book, such as "Red sky at night, sailor's delight." Elly's illustrations are some of my all-time favorite -- you can read more about my love for her paper theater art here.


The Golden Glow by Benjamin Flouw / Releases May 15, 2018

TST copy provided free by Tundra Books

Perfect for young adventurers, this story of a fox in search new plants to add to his botany collection encourages readers to get outside and explore. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful in their simplicity -- with labels illustrating types of trees, flowers, different altitude zones, and more. The story ultimately teaches young readers to revel in and appreciate undisturbed nature.