The Diverse Books Club

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what is the diverse books club?

We are a group of readers dedicated to learning about the world and our fellow humans. We value diversity in all its forms!


In late summer of 2017, I decided my reading life needed a boost. I was reading a lot, but not reading widely enough. Enter a self-imposed challenge, to read more diverse literature and expand my understanding of the world around me. The DBC was born when I asked if anyone would be interested in joining me and to my surprise, many, many readers expressed a similar desire. As of January 2018, we have over 1k active members on Goodreads, 4k members on Instagram, and a team of 11 readers moderating the many facets of the DBC. Each month, we read a selection of books related to a diverse theme. We also feature author profiles, related resources, and classroom resources for our members on our Goodreads page!

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Each month, the DBC reads books related to a diverse theme.

March 2018 - Women in Science

Adult Fiction: Lab Girl by Hope Jahren

Middle Grade Fiction (Ages 8-12): Finding Wonders: Three Girls Who Changed Science by Jeannine Atkins


Selections coming soon!

February 2018 - Chronic Illness

Adult Fiction: Left Neglected by Lisa Genova

Middle Grade Fiction (Ages 8-12): Caleb & Kit by Beth Vrabel


There are no picture book selections for February.